Gary Allen on Business Weekend Preview – February 2, 2014

Everyone is Talking Retirement Plans These Days… Even the President!

The President in his State of the Union address last week introduced his idea for a quick and easy retirement savings vehicle called MyRA. It may be simple, but it certainly is hard to say. Even the President stumbled on the name of the new program. Meanwhile, Senator Harkin reiterated his plan for a new retirement program too. But hardly anyone has taken notice on main street that California is moving quickly ahead (well quick by government standards) to implement the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust Act. It is a mandate requiring that nearly all private employers in the state of California will be required to offer a retirement savings arrangement to their employees. This weekend, I will provide you with some information about California’s bold step into the retirement plan business. I am very pleased that so many people are finally talking about helping people retire.

However, I will finish up the program this weekend with a very strong warning message for people who have been approached about something called a 7702 Private Retirement Plan. That is something not to miss. As always, a lot to talk about this weekend. Hope you can make it. Tune in live on Sunday morning on KNBR 680 AM from 8 AM to 9AM. And if you miss the program because you are getting ready for your Super Bowl party, no problem, we will post the show for your listening pleasure right on here. Have a great weekend everyone!

Gary Allen on Business, January 26, 2014 – Podcast – Segment 4

In the final segment of the show, I finish off the last portion of Finra’s 10 tips for making a smart IRA rollover decision. I also provide a sneak peek at next week’s program that will feature an expose on 7702 Private Retirement Plans. The short answer is look out!

Gary Allen on Business, January 26, 2014 – Podcast – Segment 3

In this segment I cover the recent Finra (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) investor alert that was issued concerning the IRA rollover market. The regulator issued a very useful list of 10 tips to protect yourself.

Here is a link to the Finra website if you would like to read their Investor Alert:

Gary Allen on Business – January 26, 2014 Podcast – Segment 1


I open the program with some comments on the latest stock market volatility and how to cope with it.  In addition, I speak about the value or lack thereof from listening to people who make their living by predicting what the stock market will do.  In this segment you will find some comments about the State of the Union, working out and how they all tie in to controlling your emotions for a successful investment experience.

Gary Allen on Business – January 26, 2014 Preview

Regulators Begin to Focus on IRA Rollover Market

Securities regulators have issued three warnings in the past month about the IRA rollover market. I will spend the majority of this weekend’s program updating my listeners about some of the concerns regulators have raised about the rollover process. This is a must listen for most people since an IRA rollover is one of the most important financial decisions they will make during their life. As always, you can tune in on Sunday morning at 8 AM on KNBR 680 San Francisco. In case you miss the program, we will have podcast available shortly after the program is over. I hope you enjoy your weekend. – Gary

Gary Allen on Business – January 19, 2014 Broadcast – Segment 4

Segment three of this program might make your head spin with all of the information in such a short period of time. In this segment, I remind listeners that much of what I covered in segment three is not necessary. Investors need to focus on what they can control and learn to let go of things beyond their control. Ultimately, successful investors let financial markets work for them and not against them.

Original Airdate Sunday, January 19, 2014 – KNBR 680 AM San Francisco

Gary Allen on Business – January 19, 2014 Broadcast – Segment 3

It is hard to believe that 2013 is now in the books and 2014 is now in full swing.  In this segment, I spend about 15 minutes covering a lot of details about what happened last year in financial markets.  But don’t stop listening here… I give you the real reason for this market review in the final segment of the program.  The answer might surprise you. 

Gary Allen on Business – January 19, 2014 Broadcast – Segment 2

In this segment, I spend time talking about three of the four guiding investment principles that people should use to get a handle on the big picture.  Many people struggle with their investments and one cause might be the lack of bedrock principles to guide them through good markets and bad.   


Gary Allen on Business – January 19, 2014 Broadcast – Segment 1

What does planting an olive tree have to do with investments?  More than you might think!  This segment ties in the process of planting an olive tree and building a solid set of investment principles to last a lifetime.  In many cases, investment professionals and individual investors alike fail to focus on what they can control.  Instead, they spend countless hours focusing and worrying about matters beyond their control.  

Olive Tree2