Gary Allen on Business – January 19, 2014 Broadcast – Segment 2

In this segment, I spend time talking about three of the four guiding investment principles that people should use to get a handle on the big picture.  Many people struggle with their investments and one cause might be the lack of bedrock principles to guide them through good markets and bad.   


2 thoughts on “Gary Allen on Business – January 19, 2014 Broadcast – Segment 2

  1. Mr. Allen,
    First, please know that you have an excellent program and I appreciate very much the recent addition of program archives with the ability to re-listen.
    However, I’m finding it difficult to search/find the archived programs and to access specific programs. Is it possible to reorganize the archives into a single “Archive” tab with a drop-down menu with each program listed by date and topic(s)? That way all available programs are listed in one place and selection is simplified. Currently dates are disordered and one isn’t sure if the entire selection is being viewed.The website seems too “busy” and fragmented.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Howard, thanks so much for your note and for your suggestions. We will certainly look into making the organization simpler for you and other visitors. Best regards, Gary

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