Gary Allen on Business Weekend Preview – February 2, 2014

Everyone is Talking Retirement Plans These Days… Even the President!

The President in his State of the Union address last week introduced his idea for a quick and easy retirement savings vehicle called MyRA. It may be simple, but it certainly is hard to say. Even the President stumbled on the name of the new program. Meanwhile, Senator Harkin reiterated his plan for a new retirement program too. But hardly anyone has taken notice on main street that California is moving quickly ahead (well quick by government standards) to implement the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust Act. It is a mandate requiring that nearly all private employers in the state of California will be required to offer a retirement savings arrangement to their employees. This weekend, I will provide you with some information about California’s bold step into the retirement plan business. I am very pleased that so many people are finally talking about helping people retire.

However, I will finish up the program this weekend with a very strong warning message for people who have been approached about something called a 7702 Private Retirement Plan. That is something not to miss. As always, a lot to talk about this weekend. Hope you can make it. Tune in live on Sunday morning on KNBR 680 AM from 8 AM to 9AM. And if you miss the program because you are getting ready for your Super Bowl party, no problem, we will post the show for your listening pleasure right on here. Have a great weekend everyone!

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