From the Archives – Gary Allen on Business – Original Broadcast Date – January 5, 2014

Since I will be off the air this weekend, John and Mitch of Hooked on Golf will be broadcasting live from Pebble Beach, we have posted my show from January 5, 2014. The first thing you will notice is my voice really begins to struggle in the 2nd half of the program. I was fighting a pretty good head cold just after the New Year. Truth be told, I was just happy that it held out to the end of the program.

This program features a discussion on the rising costs of college in the first two segments and the latter half the program is my explanation of what happened in real life concerning the recent movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. I hope you enjoy this best of podcast, while I relax with the family this weekend.


Original Broadcast Date: January 5, 2014

Segment 1 – College Costs
Segment 2 – College Costs continued
Segment 3 – Wolf of Wall Street – the real story
Segment 4 – Wolf of Wall Street – the real story continued

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