Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to be a Prudent Investor
On my program this weekend I will continue my conversation on how to become a successful investor by eliminating or at least controlling speculative behavior. I will carry on with the specific steps to be an investor instead of a speculator. Whether you make your own investment decisions or have an advisor, these steps will help you to ensure you are focusing on how to make financial markets work for you instead of against you.

John McGuire CEO  Active Mind Technology
John McGuire CEO
Active Mind Technology

Interview with Active Mind Technology Founder and CEO John McGuire – Game Golf – Changing the World of Golf
Later in the program, I will share with you a conversation I had this week with Mr. John McGuire, the CEO and founder of Active Mind Technology and Game Golf. The company has created a fascinating wearable technology solution that is poised to change the way the average golfer looks at his or her game. Imagine, for better or worse, the ability to know at your fingertips the actual results of every shot of every round you ever play? To be able to visualize each shot and to share it with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Finally, the ability to harness this data and to have access to it gives every golfer the ability to understand their game like never before because they will have easy access to the type of information pro golfers use to dissect their game. It is a fascinating conversation about the melding of technology and golf like you have never seen it before. And if golf is not your game, don’t worry, Active Mind Technology has big plans to change many sports and many active experiences that people enjoy. And look for a bonus post of additional interview materials with John after the Sunday broadcast is over. I hope you enjoy the program this weekend.

Game Golf Visualization
Game Golf Visualization

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