Conventional Investing Versus Evidence Based Investing

Data Ball
Conventional Investing Versus Evidence Based Investing

Over the past few weeks on the program, I have spent time discussing the differences between speculation and investing. Many people might have a problem with the idea that they are speculating. In order to better explain the difference between how many people invest versus what I believe is better way, I will call it conventional investing versus evidence based investing. By using conventional investing versus speculation, what I hope is people can focus on the difference between the two types of investment that I am speaking about.

On this week’s program I will continue the conversation about evidence based investing and how you or your advisor can implement such a philosophy in order to put the odds in your favor. If you have been listening over the past few weeks, we will finally finish the process. If you have missed the prior shows, you can listen to the podcasts on this site. I hope that you can join us this weekend for the conversation on KNBR 680 San Francisco at 8 AM.

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