Gary Allen on Business, Sunday March 30, 2014 – Podcast Available

On the program this week I conclude my coverage of the five choices or decisions that everyone faces when they want to be a successful investor. In summary the five choices are:

1) Should you do it yourself or hire someone to help you manage your investments
2) The asset allocation decision (stocks, bonds, cash)
3) Whether to diversify or not (broad and deep diversification or something less)
4) Active vs. Passive (To beat the market or to find the most efficient way to harvest market returns)
5) How often to trade your portfolio (rebalancing)

In this program I cover items three, four and five on the list. I also spend part of one segment highlighting the excellent and timely article from Jim Parker entitled, “The Devil Wears Nada”

I hope you enjoy the program and find it useful and informative. Until next time, all the best – Gary


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