Gary Allen on Business – This weekend May 11, 2014 – Broadcast Preview

The World of Sharing and Securing Enterprise Data, Special Guest in Studio, Vineet Jain, co-founder CEO of Egnyte
Cloud Storage
Technology and the global economy has provided many advantages to employers and employees alike. One example, is the increasing use of remote or mobile workers who are not tied to a company specific worksite. In order for these “remote” workers to function, they need access to company data/files no matter where they might be. Included in that remote access is the worker’s desire or ability to tap into company resources from any device. Add on top of that, the desire to share information with suppliers, customers and other interested third parties.

While the remote workforce allows companies to expand their footprint beyond the borders of their physical facilities, it does create an IT nightmare. The familiar struggle between worker productivity and IT’s requirement for locking down and controlling access to corporate data has become the catalyst for a rapidly growing industry to deliver file-sharing and storage on an enterprise basis.

Anytime, anywhere but secure access of electronic corporate data is one of the biggest challenges that entities of all sizes face. Switching to the cloud sounds easy, but it may not be possible due to regulatory concerns or even practical if a company has a large investment in their own servers. Ultimately, the proper storage and efficient distribution of electronic company resources represents a puzzle that all companies are trying to solve.

Egnyte co-founder, CEO

Vineet Jain, Egnyte Co-Founder, CEO

To help us understand this industry and how it impacts the world of business our special studio guest this weekend is Mr. Vineet Jain, the co-founder and CEO of Egnyte. Prior to Egnyte, Vineet founded and successfully built Valdero, a supply chain software solution provider, funded by KPCB, MDV and Trinity Ventures. He has held a rich variety of senior operational positions at companies like KPMG, Bechtel, etc. in the past. He has 20 years of experience in building capital-efficient and nimble organizations. Vineet earned a BS in Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and received an MBA from Santa Clara University. Vineet will provide us with his insight into this fascinating industry. We hope you can join the conversation this Sunday on Gary Allen on Business on KNBR 680 at 8 AM.

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