Gary Allen on Business, Sunday, June 22, 2014 – Podcast Available

Don’t Become a Rollover Victim!
At the time of retirement, many people are somewhat puzzled and overwhelmed with the decision of what to do with their retirement savings. Unfortunately, in my opinion, too many people are taken advantage of by slick salespeople offering false comfort. This program is the beginning of a conversation of what to look out for at the time of retirement so you are not taken advantage of. A hard hitting article by Bloomberg News on the IRA rollover business was the inspiration for this show. It is well worth reading and you can find a link to that article right here.

In far too many cases, people who have worked long and hard to save for retirement end up being ripped off (in my opinion), by salespeople primarily selling high priced insurance products. There are plenty of folks doing a good job for their clients, but there are far too many who are not. Buyer beware and look out for yourself before you make any financial decisions you might regret.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. Look for the 2nd half of this discussion in my upcoming program on June 29, 2014. That podcast will be available soon after the upcoming broadcast.

Gary Allen on Business

Gary Allen on Business

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