Technical Issues!

Tech issueThanks to some of my listeners for sending me emails pointing out a problem with the podcasts of the program. The audio play lists on the website have malfunctioned. For some unknown reason, the podcasts of my radio program are currently unavailable on the website. The great folks at WordPress are looking into the issue and hopefully we will have it solved soon. Thanks so much for your patience and thank you for listening to my radio program on KNBR 680 AM San Francisco – Gary

Here is an update on the issue…that might work until we get to the bottom of it.
“I’ve contacted our developers, and we’re looking into a solution. In the meantime, I’ve found that “force refreshing” the page sometimes causes the audio player to reappear. It’s not a permanent solution, but it may help your site visitors to access the content while we work on this.”

Force Refresh

A force refresh or reload will cause the browser to re-check with the web server to make sure it has the latest copy of the web page you are viewing. Here are keyboard shortcuts for force refreshing your browser:
•Windows: Ctrl + F5
•Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Cmd + R
•Linux: F5

One thought on “Technical Issues!

  1. Gary,

    I really enjoy your program. I tried to subscribe to your program so that I can listen to it on my iPhone, but could not find it on iTunes. I found some of the other personalities from KNBR, but not yours. Will you ever have your program/podcast available on iTunes?


    Greg Minor

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