Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, July 6, 2014 – Podcast Now Available

We Need More Capitalists!

On this program I explore a couple of issues that plague investors as they attempt to invest wisely. The idea of market timing is an alluring but ultimately fruitless idea that has tantalized investors for a very long time. Countless experts pitch their ability to time the market but actual evidence of their success is slim at best. Meanwhile, uncertainty is something that all investors have to learn to live with. The constant battle between wanting safety and good returns is something that investors deal with all the time. In the program I spend time on these issues and how they often stop people from saving and investing for their future.

In the second half of the program, I touch on wealth inequality. This subject is currently being used by many politicians to rally people to a populist cause. Unfortunately, most of these politicians are using the subject for their own political survival instead of offering true solutions that can help regular folks. I steer clear of the politics on the program and explain how people should solve this problem for themselves. Finally, at the end of the program I talk about one of the problems causing extreme wealth disparity. A fundamental problem is the lack of a savings vehicle (retirement plan) at their place of employment. Once again government is looking to create big programs to solve the problem, even though a simple and straight-forward solution has existed for several decades. Payroll deduction IRA programs are simple, easy and a great solution for many employers and their employees.

I hope you enjoy this program and thank you for listening to Gary Allen on Business on KNBR 680 San Francisco.


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