Success – Podcast Issue Resolved

Podcasts of Gary Allen on Business – Available Again

My apologies to everyone for the technical problems my blog has experienced over the past two weeks. For some reason, the podcast files decided to vanish from the posts. Possibly it can be explained due to this being vacation time and they might have needed some time off. The good news is the files are now back and you are able to listen to many of my previous shows once again.

RepairThanks to the folks at WordPress for their hard work on solving the issue and bringing the podcasts back to life. Fortunately, I was able to get a candid photo of one of their crack technicians at work while fixing my blog. As you can see, he is very focused on the problem and the best part is everything turned out just right. Thanks again to the WordPress folks for doing their best to resurrect the files from the dead. A friend of mine said the Federal Government and the IRS should take some lessons from WordPress on how to recover lost files.

We will be posting new files from the shows over the past two weeks and hopefully everything will be just fine. Thanks again for your patience and thank you for listening to Gary Allen on Business on KNBR 680 San Francisco.

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