Gary Allen on Business, Sunday, September 21, 2014 – Podcast Now Available

Great Show on Health-Care Reform and What Businesses and Individuals Should do Now!

Mr. Patrick Arnold, President of Filice Insurance of Moraga spent the hour with us explaining the current state of health-care reform and how it impacts all of us. No matter if you are running a business or just a person trying to figure out the future of your health-care, this is a good show for you to listen to. In particular, we covered the following on the program this week:

Segment One – Health-Care, the big picture
Segment Two – The individual health-care market
Segment Three – The small employer health-care market (2 to 50 employees)
Segment Four – The large employer health-care market (over 50 employees)

It is an informative show providing an excellent overview of today’s health-care marketplace. However, we only had enough time to scratch the surface on this program, so I look forward to having Pat on the show in the future. In the meantime, if you have questions about health-care or need a second opinion on what to do, Pat can be reached at:

Patrick ArnoldPatrick Arnold
Filice Insurance

1150 Moraga Way
Moraga, CA 94556
Telephone 925.962.1980

I hope you enjoy the program.

Sneak Peek – Gary Allen on Business – Sept. 21, 2014

Health-Care Reform Has Created Much Uncertainty. Tune In Sunday For A Discussion On What Businesses and Individuals Should Do.

On the program this weekend, Mr. Patrick Arnold, the President of Filice Insurance of Moraga will be joining me in the studio to discuss the current state of affairs in the world of health-care. This is not a political discussion, but a practical primer for businesses and individuals to understand what is going on and what options you have. This is going to be a great show as Pat provides us with his knowledge and expertise. Join us on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 8 AM on KNBR 680 San Francisco.

Pat Arnold

Bonus Materials – Bryce Skaff

The Final Two Segments of My Interview With Bryce Skaff

A Younger Version!
A Younger Version!

Enjoy the final two segments of my interview with Bryce Skaff of Dimensional Funds from September 2008. On that program we discussed the evolution of modern investments. It is an excellent interview with some good information about the last 100 plus years of investment history. A previous post provides the bulk of the interview with Bryce.


Gary Allen on Business – PODCAST – Sunday, September 14, 2014 – Now Available

A Trip Down Memory Lane – The History of Modern Investments
ancient piggybank
It was September, 2008 and I was interviewing Mr. Bryce Skaff an executive at one of the largest mutual fund complexes in the United States. The financial world was crumbling around us with the demise of Lehman Brothers, the fire sale of Merrill Lynch and the bailout of AIG just around the corner. However, Bryce and I spent the show talking about the history of investments and how to look at markets going forward. The show back in 2008 actually was an hour and fifteen minutes long as I filled in time before the start of the 49er pre-game show. Because of that, I was only able to rebroadcast three of the five segments this week.

You can listen to the missing two segments on this site by looking for the bonus materials with Bryce Skaff post.

I hope you enjoy this show.

Gary Allen on Business
Gary Allen on Business

Gary Allen on Business – Podcast, Sunday, September 7, 2014 – Now Available

Apple, Burger Inversion, Minimum Wage, Automation and a Dose of Rebalancing

Minimum Wage

Some would call this week’s show a grand buffet of topics for your listening pleasure. In this week’s program, I touch on Apple’s latest press conference and how they don’t seem to have the same old magic of days gone by. After waxing for the good old days of Jobs, we switch gears and bite into the Burger King/Tim Hortons happy meal and what it’s all about. Later in the program, I touch on the minimum wage issue and focus on the business impact. My thoughts are straightforward and simple, businesses will learn to be more productive and pass costs on. It is what they do. Finally, in the last segment I spend a few minutes on the simple but important concept of rebalancing. I hope you enjoy the program and thank you for listening!

How to Win the Loser’s Game Documentary – Part 2 Available

How To Win the Loser’s Game – Part Two

Our friends from the United Kingdom at Sensible Investing have released part 2 of their new documentary, “How to Win the Loser’s Game.” It is another great episode and well worth watching. Here is a link to the program:

Robin Powell Producer How to Win the Loser's Game
Robin Powell
How to Win the Loser’s Game

Gary Allen on Business – Podcast Sunday, August 31, 2014 – Now Available

Just Another Holiday Sunday
On the program this week, I discuss the Burger King “inversion” purchase of Tim Horton’s of Canada as well as several other subjects. In segment number two I provide some thoughts on the big picture of preparing for retirement. Often people neglect to spend enough time focusing on the big decisions before they dive into investments and other matters. In segment three, I caution everyone about alternative investments and hedge funds. It is worth a listen if you are being tempted by greed or fear into making an investment in this area.

Finally, I spend a minute letting people know about a new documentary investment series that was produced by our friends Sensible Investing in the United Kingdom. Journalist Robin Powell has done an excellent job with his new program, “How to Win the Loser’s Game.” You can find a link to part one of the series in a previous post of mine.