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A Trip Down Memory Lane – The History of Modern Investments
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It was September, 2008 and I was interviewing Mr. Bryce Skaff an executive at one of the largest mutual fund complexes in the United States. The financial world was crumbling around us with the demise of Lehman Brothers, the fire sale of Merrill Lynch and the bailout of AIG just around the corner. However, Bryce and I spent the show talking about the history of investments and how to look at markets going forward. The show back in 2008 actually was an hour and fifteen minutes long as I filled in time before the start of the 49er pre-game show. Because of that, I was only able to rebroadcast three of the five segments this week.

You can listen to the missing two segments on this site by looking for the bonus materials with Bryce Skaff post.

I hope you enjoy this show.

Gary Allen on Business

Gary Allen on Business

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