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Bernanke Looks to Refinance his DC Condo

Bernanke Looks to Refinance his DC Condo

On this week’s program we hit on a number of issues from the world of business and finance. That includes the interesting experience of the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, who had a little trouble refinancing his Washington DC area condo. Bernanke ran into the familiar position of having to prove his income now that he is primarily self-employed.

Meanwhile, Warren Buffett has decided to enter the car business in a big way. So if you are in need of some wheels, the sage of Omaha is ready to wheel and deal with you. Also I spend some time talking about the latest move by the government to put the kibosh on inversion deals. And in the final segment of the show, I spend a couple of minutes on the latest example of why it is not such a great idea to use predictions about the future as the basis for your investment decisions.

I hope you enjoy listening to the show.


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