Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, October 26, 2014 – Podcast Now Available

Stock Market Have You Worried?
What to do now, and for that matter, always…

Cartoon Market WorryThis show is part of an ongoing conversation with my listeners about what to do when financial markets become worrisome. The reality is one has to have conviction, trust and understanding in their investment process in order to have a good chance of financial success. This program starts at the beginning with information and some guidance on what you should be doing on a regular and consistent basis.

In my mind, when someone asks me what they should do with their investments now… because [you fill in the blanks]? I categorize all of those questions as a sign that someone either has doubts about their own investment strategy/philosophy or that of their advisor. By the way, it is a great question, but often people are surprised with my answer. Most are expecting me to give my thoughts on how expensive or cheap the market is, or whether they should buy or sell. In my mind, nothing could be further from the truth.

This conversation starts at the bedrock or foundation of understanding investment strategy and philosophy. This program and more to follow will walk us through my thoughts on how to become confident, develop discipline and ultimately to develop a strategy to serve an investor through good markets and bad. Thank you for listening to my program on KNBR and I hope you enjoy this podcast.

Show Highlights
Segment One – An amusing story concerning McDonalds and sex toys. Come on, it’s not what you think!
Segment Two – What you should spend your time on, and don’t sweat the other stuff
Segment Three – Risks worth taking and those that are not
Segment Four – Risk and return, a relationship to embrace


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