Gary Allen on Business – Fourth Quarter Market Review Presentation Available

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Financial Market Review (4th Quarter, 2014)

Often people will ask me, how did the market do this quarter? Keeping score is one of the more difficult things for people to do.  When someone asks how did the market do, there is a simple answer but it only scratches the surface of the right answer in my opinion. It is not as simple as looking up at the scoreboard and noticing the Patriots are beating the Seahawks.

Keeping proper financial score requires forethought about what is important to you. Ultimately, all that should matter to you is how are you doing towards achieving your financial goals. But the world is still fascinated by the concept of beating the market. My opinion on that is who cares! More bad financial decisions have been made by people trying to beat the market.


Of course, the market is still a yardstick, but it should not be the holy grail of profit only if you beat it. Another major problem for people is comparing their results to their friends, family and business associates. That is a very dangerous pastime as well. Just worry about how your doing and you will better off for it.

However, I do understand the fascination about keeping up with how financial markets have done. It is the heart and sole of benchmarking the investments you have. You do need to look at the indices in order to determine how your investments have done compared to the market and its peers.

Market Review

I have linked a quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2014 to give you an example of one. It contains some slides reviewing financial markets as well as a voiceover explaining in simple terms what happened. Let me know if this is something worthwhile to share with you on a regular basis.

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  1. Hello Gary, Thanks for the 4Q14 review. It was an excellent overview of the quarter; brief and to the point. If possible, I would like to see it presented for the quarters in the future. Thanks again. Kevin Reidy

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