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The Fiduciary Battles… Inflation

Conflict battle


The battle is raging in Washington over the conduct of care in the financial services industry. One of my partners, Scott Simon, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on fiduciary matters dealing with investments and standard of care. In the opening two segments, I spend time discussing his thoughts about the current conflict going on in Washington DC. There is a titanic struggle amongst Wall Street interests and fiduciary interests to bend the ear of regulators. How this battle turns out will impact how investors are treated in the coming decades. While the language and the rhetoric can be hard to understand, this is a battle investors should worry and care about.


InflationIn the third segment, I spend time talking about inflation and how investors can protect themselves from the risk of inflation. My biggest personal concern is the poor use of what I consider inappropriate investments to battle inflation. Often, people will be influenced by paid spokespeople on radio and television who are touting the use of gold and silver as inflation hedges. In this segment, I provide my reasons why I think these investments are a very choice for people who are truly worried about protecting themselves against inflation. This is especially true, since there are some very low-cost instruments that can do a much better job of protecting against inflation.

In the final segment I spend a few minutes talking about the current state of financial markets.





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