Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, April 12, 2015 – Podcast Available

Interview with Clearslide Co-founder and CEO Al Lieb

Al LiebThe program this week features a great interview with Clearslide’s Al Lieb. We begin the interview with a quick story on Al and his past. For those of you that do not recognize his name, he was a co-founder of Evite. It is a fun story about the infancy of that company.

Later in the interview, we discover the unlikely beginnings of Clearslide. It is a good story about paying attention to what people are telling you about your product or services.

In the interview, we learn about Clearslide and its mission to create a sales environment allowing people to create powerful narratives with an overlay of metrics. The company is expending great efforts to build tools so salespeople and their management have the ability to close the loop on the sales cycle. This includes all the way down to the impact of a single slide in a deck. Ultimately, the goal is to provide true feedback on the effectiveness of any sales materials. Later in the interview, we find out that the company has built an interesting niche with professional sports teams including the Golden State Warriors.

Clearslide is in a very competitive industry and it will be interesting to see if Al and his team can repeat the magic of Evite.

MoskowitzIn the first segment of the program, we chat with tax attorney Steve Moskowitz of Moskowitz LLP. Nothing like a few last minute tips to help people out as we close out tax season for 2014. Steve had a couple of excellent reminders about Obamacare and some potentially significant penalties if you were not covered last year. Worth a listen if you find yourself in that situation.

I hope you enjoy the program and thanks for listening.



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