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Stock Market Predictions

On the program this week, I spend time discussing about the recent blockbuster “inversion” merger of Pfizer with Ireland based Allergan. The huge $160 billion merger is the latest example of the growing trend of US companies to change their corporate domicile for tax purposes.

Meanwhile it is that time of year when financial “experts” begin to offer their outlook for 2016. In the 2nd segment of the program, I spend time talking about the futility of predicting the future and basing your investment decisions on them.

Later in the program, I consider one of the most common concerns that investors have about the future. I call it the certainty principal, where investors are looking for things to sort themselves out and provide a clarity about the future. Of course, nothing exists like that. People have to come to grips with investing in an uncertain world.

Finally, I offer up a reminder for your viewing pleasure. My friends at Sensible Investing (Birmingham, England) produced an excellent eight-part series on Stock Market History. Look for a separate blog post for a link to the series.

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Gary Allen on Business – Great Video Series

Stock Market History: A Crash Course for Investors

About two years ago, our friends at Sensible Investing (from Birmingham, England) put together an eight-part series on the history of the stock market. It is an excellent piece of work, well worth anyone’s time even if they only have a passing interest in investments.

For those who are interested in finance, you might be surprised by what you find in this chronicle of financial history. The production is high quality and filled with great information.

I highly recommend the series for my listeners. – Gary Allen

Here is a link to the program by Robin Powell from Sensible Investing:


Gary Allen on Business




Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, November 22, 2015; PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE


Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rising Interest Rates, The Paris Attacks and Solving America’s Retirement Savings Crisis…

On the program this week, we cover a wide range of important topics. In the first segment I spend time talking about the risks of chasing higher yields and what could happen to you when interest rates start to rise. 

In segment two, I spend the majority of the time talking about the recent terrorist events that have happened in Paris and other places. In particular, I emphasize the small impact these terrible events will have in the long run on a broadly and deeply diversified portfolio. While the events are tragic, they do not change the overall landscape for disciplined investors. 

In segments three and four of the program, I discuss the retirement savings crisis in America and one potential solution that, in my opinion, has not been used often enough. Payroll deduction IRA programs have been around for a very long time. However, very few companies have used them and that should change. 

If you own or manage a company without a retirement plan, a payroll deduction IRA is something for you to consider. If you are an employee at a company without a retirement plan, you should have your employer take a closer look at a payroll deduction IRA.

Access to a retirement plan at work is a key component of solving the retirement savings crisis in this country. Find out why a payroll deduction IRA can make a difference in so many lives.

I hope you enjoy this week’s show and thank you for making it part of your day! Have a question? Just drop me a note at

– Gary

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours… I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. There is so much for all of us to be thankful for. This is a holiday about gratitude, about family and about possibility. It brings people together to not only celebrate the end of the harvest, but to look one in another in the eye and share something magical. I hope that each of you can celebrate something magical with your friends and family.









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Gary Allen on Business, Sunday, November 15, 2015 – PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE

Payroll Deduction IRAForget MyRA… The Good Old Payroll Deduction IRA is the ANSWER

The Federal Government with much fan fair officially launched its new MyRA program this past week. It is their solution for people that do not have access to a retirement plan at their place of employment.

Access to a retirement plan at work is one of the largest problems facing workers today. Approximately half of the workforce does not have access to a retirement savings vehicle through their employer. However, the MyRA program is, in my opinion, fatally flawed by its only investment choice.

The low-return MyRA investment option will not provide a reasonable long-term rate of return that will help participants successfully retire. By focusing on a guaranteed, no chance of loss, return, the program fails to address the real issue of generating enough wealth over time to produce retirement income.

A much better option, in my opinion, is a payroll deduction IRA program that can be set up either as a traditional or ROTH IRA gives employees a much better chance of meeting their future retirement income  needs.

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Gary can help you set up a Payroll Deduction IRA program in just a few minutes. 

Gary’s Offer to Help

Payroll Deduction IRA programs can provide workers with a very good option to save for retirement. For employers, Payroll Deduction IRA programs are simple, easy and usually come with no cost.

If you are an employer without a retirement plan, Gary will help you understand why a payroll deduction IRA is a great solution.

If you are an employee at a company without a retirement plan, Gary can help you get a program started as well.

You can contact Gary at or

The program this week:

Segment One – Crowdsourcing for the masses

Segment Two – MyRA and Payroll Deduction IRA programs

Segment Three – MyRA and Payroll Deduction IRA programs

Segment Four – Payroll Deduction IRA – Gary’s help


Gary Allen on Business, Sunday, November 8, 2015 – Now Available

Retirement Concept Social Security BenefitsCongress Kills Popular Social Security Claiming Strategies

This past week Congress compromised and settled on a budget deal that included some major changes to Social Security. Deep in the bill was the unwelcome news that Congress has closed some very popular Social Security claiming strategies. The so-called File & Suspend and the Restricted Application strategies will no longer be available as of April 30, 2016.

There is a six month window of opportunity right now for a certain group of people to take full advantage of the current claiming strategies. But the time to act is now before it is too late.

My program this week focuses on the changes and how they will impact people. This is a major change to claiming strategies that will significantly reduce the planning opportunities for most Americans. REMEMBER – these changes do not effect anyone who is already receiving Social Security benefits.

I have included a copy of a chart that outlines what the coming changes are:

Social Security Claiming Strategies

Below is a podcast of the program this week. I hope you enjoy it. – Gary