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Payroll Deduction IRAForget MyRA… The Good Old Payroll Deduction IRA is the ANSWER

The Federal Government with much fan fair officially launched its new MyRA program this past week. It is their solution for people that do not have access to a retirement plan at their place of employment.

Access to a retirement plan at work is one of the largest problems facing workers today. Approximately half of the workforce does not have access to a retirement savings vehicle through their employer. However, the MyRA program is, in my opinion, fatally flawed by its only investment choice.

The low-return MyRA investment option will not provide a reasonable long-term rate of return that will help participants successfully retire. By focusing on a guaranteed, no chance of loss, return, the program fails to address the real issue of generating enough wealth over time to produce retirement income.

A much better option, in my opinion, is a payroll deduction IRA program that can be set up either as a traditional or ROTH IRA gives employees a much better chance of meeting their future retirement income  needs.

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Gary can help you set up a Payroll Deduction IRA program in just a few minutes. 

Gary’s Offer to Help

Payroll Deduction IRA programs can provide workers with a very good option to save for retirement. For employers, Payroll Deduction IRA programs are simple, easy and usually come with no cost.

If you are an employer without a retirement plan, Gary will help you understand why a payroll deduction IRA is a great solution.

If you are an employee at a company without a retirement plan, Gary can help you get a program started as well.

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