Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, November 29, 2015 – Podcast Now Available

Swami gazing into a crystal ball

Stock Market Predictions

On the program this week, I spend time discussing about the recent blockbuster “inversion” merger of Pfizer with Ireland based Allergan. The huge $160 billion merger is the latest example of the growing trend of US companies to change their corporate domicile for tax purposes.

Meanwhile it is that time of year when financial “experts” begin to offer their outlook for 2016. In the 2nd segment of the program, I spend time talking about the futility of predicting the future and basing your investment decisions on them.

Later in the program, I consider one of the most common concerns that investors have about the future. I call it the certainty principal, where investors are looking for things to sort themselves out and provide a clarity about the future. Of course, nothing exists like that. People have to come to grips with investing in an uncertain world.

Finally, I offer up a reminder for your viewing pleasure. My friends at Sensible Investing (Birmingham, England) produced an excellent eight-part series on Stock Market History. Look for a separate blog post for a link to the series.

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