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The Organic Coup Interview

On the program this week an interesting story about a new startup in the fast food industry. The Organic Coup is America’s first certified organic fast food restaurant. The mission is a big one, in fact a revolution in the fast food industry. The upstart promises fast, healthy, organic food that promises to reinvent the concept of fast food.

The_Organic_Coup_Dennis___Erica.0The driving force behind the company are two former Costco executives without restaurant experience. However, Erica Welton is a well-known executive considered to be one of the most influential organic food individuals in the country. Erica was at the center of turning Costco into the world’s largest organic retailer. Her partner is long-time Costco executive Dennis Hoover.

The two represent an excellent partnership between Welton’s vision for the company and Hoover’s deep operational experience running Costco’s crucial Northern California region for many years.

While the two do not have direct restaurant experience, it is easy to see in the interview that Costco’s passion for excellence, quality and efficiency are key factors in the startup. In addition, the organic supply chain relationships developed by Welton are crucial for the company’s ability to scale up from its current three locations to as many as ten by the end of the year.Many more company owned restaurants are planned over the next few years.

The combination of clean, healthy, fresh food with the efficiency of Costco and an aspiration to match In-N-Out Burger’s service could be a disruptive force in the fast food industry. Only time will tell if Welton and Hoover with their team can scale and execute on the mission, but so far so good. 

On a personal note, everyone (including me) at KNBR 680 & 1050, KGO 810, KSFO 560 and 107.7 the Bone who tried their signature organic fried chicken sandwich gave it a big thumbs up. That is a huge endorsement since radio stations live on fast food 24/7. 


Jim SinegalJim Sinegal – Former CEO and Co-Founder of Costco

It was a real coup (pun intended) to have Jim Sinegal of Costco fame call into the program to talk about his business experiences and his connection to The Organic Coup. The retailing legend offers some excellent advice to business owners and employees in segment three of the program. 


signature-sandwichThe company currently has three locations (Pleasanton, San Francisco, Pleasant Hill) with more to come in the near future. You can find more information about The Organic Coup at


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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Organic Coup






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