Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, April, 2, 2017 – Podcast Now Available


Retirement Dreams

On the program this week, I talk about the relationship between risk and return. Unfortunately, many people focus on one or the other without truly comprehending the direct relationship between the two. And more importantly, many people do not spend nearly enough time thinking about why they are investing and quantifying that goal. 

One to think of this disconnect is to think about gardening in your backyard. If you don’t think about what time of year it is or if you don’t take a peek to see what is happening out there, then you will probably not bring out the proper tools. It does not make sense to bring out the pruning sheers in summer when everything is in bloom. Nor should you be watering when the rain is pouring down. 

All of that makes sense for gardening, but seldom do I see the same kind of common sense with investing. Too many folks spend their time worrying about the risk (too conservative), while many spend all their time chasing big rewards (too much risk). The right combination of risk and return focused on a clear goal is a better way to invest. 

Segment 1- Imagine an alternative world where disclosure and disclaimers are actually written in a clear fashion to protect investors. While it will never happen, you can use my list to protect yourself. 

Segment 2 – In this segment, I focus on risk and return and how it comes into play for retirement planning

Segment 3 – This segment continues our journey into retirement planning. The big picture of what to think about and how to approach this investment goal.

Segment 4 – I cover the factors or levers that people can use to plan dynamically over time. This involves the timing of your retirement, how much to save, when to take Social Security and a few more. 

Segment 5 – A short story at the end of the program involving my grandfather, buried treasure “gold”, my father and uncle find the loot and the lost opportunity of investing the gold money.

I hope you enjoy this week’s program. – Gary


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