Health Savings Accounts – What You Need to Know

Pat Jarrett
Health Savings Administrators

On the program this week, I interview Pat Jarrett of Health Savings Administrators. Pat is a co-founder of the company and is currently its brand ambassador. He was formerly the President and Chief Operating Officer of Health Savings Administrators.

This is a great show for people wanting to better understand the value and the benefits of Health Savings Accounts or HSAs. In particular, investment HSAs are a powerful tool for retirement savings and are not that well known. A great way to explain an investment HSA is to think of it as a medical IRA. You get to save money in a tax deductible manner, letting it grow tax deferred and if spent on qualifying medical expenses, the money comes out tax free.

This triple tax benefit makes it one of the best savings vehicles available to Americans. Listen to the show and find out about the shoe box planning trick that gives HSAs an incredible flexibility when it comes to reimbursements.

Look for the bonus interview materials at the bottom of the post.


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BONUS MATERIALS – I recorded some additional materials with Pat focusing on HSA questions and information that business owners and managers will find useful. This includes a little known fact that businesses can select HSA providers that are independent of their healthcare plans. This gives businesses an opportunity to improve their HSA benefit for their employees.  This bonus segment is about 18 minutes long! This material did not air on KNBR 680.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Pat Jarrett this week. HSAs are becoming more popular as a benefit and people need to understand how they work. Have a great week.

All the best – Gary



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