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Retirement Dreams

On the program this week, I talk about the relationship between risk and return. Unfortunately, many people focus on one or the other without truly comprehending the direct relationship between the two. And more importantly, many people do not spend nearly enough time thinking about why they are investing and quantifying that goal. 

One to think of this disconnect is to think about gardening in your backyard. If you don’t think about what time of year it is or if you don’t take a peek to see what is happening out there, then you will probably not bring out the proper tools. It does not make sense to bring out the pruning sheers in summer when everything is in bloom. Nor should you be watering when the rain is pouring down. 

All of that makes sense for gardening, but seldom do I see the same kind of common sense with investing. Too many folks spend their time worrying about the risk (too conservative), while many spend all their time chasing big rewards (too much risk). The right combination of risk and return focused on a clear goal is a better way to invest. 

Segment 1- Imagine an alternative world where disclosure and disclaimers are actually written in a clear fashion to protect investors. While it will never happen, you can use my list to protect yourself. 

Segment 2 – In this segment, I focus on risk and return and how it comes into play for retirement planning

Segment 3 – This segment continues our journey into retirement planning. The big picture of what to think about and how to approach this investment goal.

Segment 4 – I cover the factors or levers that people can use to plan dynamically over time. This involves the timing of your retirement, how much to save, when to take Social Security and a few more. 

Segment 5 – A short story at the end of the program involving my grandfather, buried treasure “gold”, my father and uncle find the loot and the lost opportunity of investing the gold money.

I hope you enjoy this week’s program. – Gary


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Gary Allen on Business – New Show Sunday, January 29, 2017


Gary Allen on Business is Back!

Greetings everyone. I am pleased to announce that I will be back on the air this weekend. My first show of the new year will be on Sunday morning from 8 AM to 9 AM on radio station KNBR 680 AM San Francisco.

It was very relaxing and wonderful to have the time off these past few months but it’s time to get back to giving you the business. I look forward to chatting with you about all of the recent events and how they might impact your investments.

Hope that you tune in on Sunday but you can always catch the show through my podcasts on this website. Thanks again to all of my listeners who have been with us for the past twenty years!

All the best – Gary

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Gary Allen on Business – Back Soon


Greetings everyone. In case you have not been paying attention, I have taken some time off in recent months. After 19 years on the air, I took a sabbatical to recharge the batteries and to just take a break from the grind. For much of my radio career I was broadcasting six days a week and providing thousands of business updates every year. It may be hard to imagine but after a while it does become a grind.

I have totally enjoyed my time off but I am now getting the itch to start broadcasting again. The good news for listeners is my program will be back on the airwaves of KNBR very soon.

Look for further details in the coming weeks about when the show will be back on the air. 2017 will mark my 20th year associated with KNBR. It should be a fun year. Happy New Year to everyone and I look forward to having further conversations on the radio with all of you.


Gary Allen on Business: Sunday, July 31, 2016 Broadcast: The Organic Coup (A Fast Food Revolution?)

The Fast Food Organic Revolution

In 2015, the fast food industry generated approximately $200 billion in sales in the United States from more than 200,000 locations. However,  fast food has a general reputation for unhealthy food, poor working conditions and very low wages. Into this rugged playing field, two former retail executives with no restaurant experience are aiming pretty high.

The Organic Coup (yes a play on words, think organic revolution) is making big plans to disrupt and change the fast food industry. Yes, bold plans are often laid out by entrepreneurs and most do fail, but something seems different as The Organic Coup begins to hatch its plans for fast food stardom.   

The_Organic_Coup_Dennis___Erica.0Two highly experienced former Costco executives have launched their revolution in Northern California to shatter the fast food industry’s reputation for unhealthy food by boldly becoming the nation’s first organic certified fast food operation.  While the restaurant industry is something new, the two co-founders have deep and influential organic experience.

Erica Welton helped turn Costco into the nation’s largest organic retailer (yes it’s true), while Dennis Hoover was responsible for the company’s Bay Area region ($11 billion in sales and 15,000 employees). The two experienced executives are taking the Costco mentality and applying it to the fast food industry. One of the early investors in The Organic Coup is legendary Costco Co-founder Jim Sinegal.


The Organic Coup Story

On the program tomorrow (Sunday, July 31, 2016) our guests will be Erica Welton and Dennis Hoover co-founders of The Organic Coup. It is a great story about a startup that might just shake up the fast food industry in a big way.


Jim Sinegal, Former CEO and Co-Founder of Costco

Jim Sinegal

Jim Sinegal is a legendary retailer and considered to be a major contributor to one of the greatest American retailing stories. It is rare to get an interview with Jim and something not to be missed.  

Going to be a great show!


United Kingdom Leaves the European Union

United Kingdom Citizens Surprise the Experts and Vote to Leave EU (What Does it Mean to Me?)

UK EU PictureOn June 23, citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. While there has been much speculation leading up to and since the vote, many of the longer-term implications of the referendum remain unclear, as the process for negotiating what a UK exit may look like are just beginning.

Prudent Investor Advisors and its team of professionals has decades of experience managing portfolios, including during periods of uncertainty and heightened volatility. We monitor market events very closely and consider the implications of new information as it comes to light. We are paying close attention to market mechanisms and they appear to be functioning well. Our investment philosophy and process have withstood many trying times and we remain committed.

We urge caution in allowing market movements to impact long-term asset allocation. Long-term investors recognize that risks and uncertainty are ever present in markets. A drop in prices is generally due to lower expectations of cash flows, higher discount rates, or both. In some cases, a drop is also due to investors demanding liquidity. In the current situation, some investors and economists may expect lower cash flows due to possible trade barriers that may not be implemented. Higher discount rates may be occurring due to uncertainty about changes in the economic landscape and regulations. We have seen markets increase discount rates in times of uncertainty before, resulting in lower prices and increased expected returns.

However, it is difficult to know when good outcomes will materialize in the future. By attempting to time the right moment to buy or sell, one risks not enjoying the potential benefits of such materializations. Many of those who exit the markets miss the recoveries. What we have often seen in the past is that investors who remained in well-diversified portfolios were rewarded over time.

The UK will have up to two years to negotiate a withdrawal, during which time it remains subject to EU treaties and laws. Any potential operational changes depend on what path the UK and EU decide to take. There is plenty of speculation out there about what is going to happen. However, no one knows what the future holds. In fact, the experts were completely wrong about the expectations for this election. The political experts and the famous English bookies were completely wrong about the will of the citizens of the UK to leave the European Union. We would advise against listening to these same so-called experts who are now calling for financial ruin.

UK EU Picture2The UK has voted to leave the European Union however to the best of our knowledge it remains committed to the planet Earth. There are many questions that remain to be answered but the UK will continue to be a meaningful player in the global economy whether it is a member of the European Union or not.

Prudent remains committed to helping our clients navigate the uncertainties of the world and to help them focus on what is within their control. Our advice to clients remains the same. Focus on your personal situation, make certain your goals are clear, and make changes to your investments based on changes in your circumstances. A well-diversified, lower cost, institutional portfolio like those managed by Prudent are designed as all-weather portfolios.

Poor investment decisions are often made as people react emotionally to news and events. The wall-to-wall coverage of the events in Europe only raise this level of stress. If you want to focus on Europe we have a suggestion for you. Turn the channel to one of the UEFA 2016 soccer games and enjoy the match.

After the soccer match if you are still worried about current events, please take some time to read through our Pursuing a Better Investment Experience paper. It outlines the ten items that any investor should focus on to improve their chances of a better investment experience.

Request a Free Copy of “Pursuing a Better Investment Experience”.

Better Investment ExperienceThis easy to read document provides a road map for investors to focus on the right things to improve your chances for a successful investment experience.

Contact Gary by email to request a copy of the document. Please put Pursue a Better Investment Experience in the RE line of your email. 

Gary Allen      


Gary Allen on Business, Sunday February 21, 2016 – Podcast Now Available

IRS Scam Danger Sign

Internal Revenue Service Provides List of Top Scams to Watch Out For

IRS Issues Annual Tax Scam List

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad people out there who like to take advantage of others. Tax scams are something that happen throughout the year but especially during tax season. The IRS provides a list of 12 top scams for people to be on the lookout for. Please pay special attention to older friends and relatives who might be more susceptible to falling for scams.

On the program this week I spend the first half of the program going through the annual IRS list. There are some common ones on the list but some others that you may not have heard of.

Later in the program I cover some rollover IRA rules that could catch you or your adviser by surprise. If you are not aware of it, the rollover rules changed dramatically recently and you do not want to get caught up by them. I also spend some time warning you about the very high commissions often associated with rollover business by advisers and insurance agents.

Finally, I spend the last part of the program talking about the recent volatility in the first two months of 2016. I put the recent price activity in perspective to determine if it is unusual or uncommon. You might be surprised by what I found compared to historical financial market volatility.

As always, thank you for listening to my program. If you ever have a question you can email me at All the best – Gary