Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, December 20, 2015: Podcast Now Available

Higher Interest Rates

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates – First Time in More Than Nine Years

In 2006, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the last time (23 rate increases in that last cycle). Since that time, the Fed lowered interest rates to zero or near zero and kept them there far longer than anyone expected.

Finally, in December of 2015, the Fed reversed course and raised interest rates by a 1/4% (25 basis points) in probably the most telegraphed move in history. The fixed income market reacted with a ho hum and kept on its merry way. At this point, no one knows if the Fed is leading the market or if the market is leading the Fed.

On the program this week, I discussed the Fed’s rate increase, delved into the high-yield bond market and then did a short primer on fixed income.

Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, December 20, 2015

Segment 1 – Fed Raises Interest Rates

Segment 2 – The Party is Over (High Yield Bonds Crumble)

Segment 3 – Fixed Income Primer

Segment 4 Fixed Income Primer

This marks the final show for 2015 and with that a big thanks to my producer Justin Siddhu for all the fine work this year. I want to wish all my listeners a very happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year! I can’t wait to get started on our new shows in 2016, which marks my 18th year on KNBR. Where has the time gone! – Gary 






Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, November 22, 2015; PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE


Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rising Interest Rates, The Paris Attacks and Solving America’s Retirement Savings Crisis…

On the program this week, we cover a wide range of important topics. In the first segment I spend time talking about the risks of chasing higher yields and what could happen to you when interest rates start to rise. 

In segment two, I spend the majority of the time talking about the recent terrorist events that have happened in Paris and other places. In particular, I emphasize the small impact these terrible events will have in the long run on a broadly and deeply diversified portfolio. While the events are tragic, they do not change the overall landscape for disciplined investors. 

In segments three and four of the program, I discuss the retirement savings crisis in America and one potential solution that, in my opinion, has not been used often enough. Payroll deduction IRA programs have been around for a very long time. However, very few companies have used them and that should change. 

If you own or manage a company without a retirement plan, a payroll deduction IRA is something for you to consider. If you are an employee at a company without a retirement plan, you should have your employer take a closer look at a payroll deduction IRA.

Access to a retirement plan at work is a key component of solving the retirement savings crisis in this country. Find out why a payroll deduction IRA can make a difference in so many lives.

I hope you enjoy this week’s show and thank you for making it part of your day! Have a question? Just drop me a note at

– Gary

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours… I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. There is so much for all of us to be thankful for. This is a holiday about gratitude, about family and about possibility. It brings people together to not only celebrate the end of the harvest, but to look one in another in the eye and share something magical. I hope that each of you can celebrate something magical with your friends and family.









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Gary Allen on Business – Sunday, February 1, 2015 – Podcast Now Available

Super Bowl Sunday – The Big Economic Impact

The big game dominates America the weekend and provides a very large economic impact (estimated at over $14 billion) as the country celebrates. On the program today, we take a look at the impact of the Super Bowl and just how it has come to dominate the landscape. By any measure, the big game lives up to the hype off the field.

In the second segment of the program, I provide a tongue in cheek look at the recent cheerleader legislation proposed in the California legislature. And we finish out this segment with a review of the WSJ Jason Gay’s third annual Super Bowl Party Rules list.

Bull BearIn the third segment I provide some insight into fixed income and how to approach this part of your portfolio prudently. You might be surprised by some of the ground we cover in this segment. Too often, people are using the wrong motivations for how they treat their fixed income investments.

Finally, in the short fourth segment, I touch on the surprising success of my blog in the previous week covering the Croatian Super Bowl with Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll facing off.

On a final note welcome to Justin Siddhu, my new producer who has been in training for a while under Jon Wilson. So thanks to Jon for all your great work and welcome to Justin. I hope you enjoy the program.