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Tony Robbins Investment Advisor?
Cartoon advisorFor the past few months, Tony Robbins has been just about everywhere promoting his new book, “Money: Master the Game.” Robbins is a master promoter with a long history of moving mountains and yes having people walk on fire. The guy is a very successful businessman and he knows how to generate publicity like few others. It raised many eyebrows when Robbins wrote his first new book in twenty years on the subject of money and personal finance. It has been hard to ignore due to the massive PR campaign this book has generated. Critics have pounded the motivations of Robbins and also have spent a great deal of time skewering the advice in the book as well.

In this program, I review the book and some of the information within. In my opinion, the book is filled with a lot of contradictory information that undermines many of its themes. The biggest contradiction that sets the tone is the subtitle of the book, “Seven Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.” It takes more than 600 pages to explain his seven simple steps. The length of the book immediately calls into question just how simple this story is going to be. From there the book, in my opinion, reads like an infomercial more than objective financial information. But I will let you be the judge of that.

Ultimately, I find the best part of Robbins writing this book is the fact it might get more people to pay attention to their finances and to call into question some of the more dubious practices of Wall Street. By the way, Robbins has reportedly backed away from any plans to enter the financial services industry directly. However, there appears to be some significant conflicts of interest with some of his recommendations on who you should seek out for help or advice.

Gary Allen on Business
Gary Allen on Business