How Much Do I Need To Save For Retirement?

Saving for RetirementOne of the big questions in life is how much do I need to save for retirement? There is so much information out there on the subject that it can be overwhelming. What I want to do is provide you with a simple, clear and concise overview of a very complicated question.

Massi De SantisFortunately, my friend Massi De Santis created a video a couple of years ago that does a great job. Massi is a Vice-President with Dimensional Fund Advisors. Massi holds a PhD in economics from the University of California, Davis. He was an assistant professor at Dartmouth College, where he taught finance and macroeconomics classes, and conducted research at the frontier of finance and business cycles. His research has direct implications in valuation and risk measurement, and has been published in journals, including The American Economic Review, The BEJournal of Macroeconomics, andStudies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics. He has lectured and presented research at a number of universities, central banks, and professional associations. He has also testified as an expert witness before the American Arbitration Association on matters relating to the valuation of business damages and the risk of interest rate swaps.

Here is a link to Massi’s short but insightful  video on the subject.

Massi wrote an accompanying paper with his colleague, Marlena Lee. If you want more detail on the subject, here is a copy of their paper: how_much_should_i_save

Planning for retirement is complicated. Hopefully, this video and paper will help you understand one of the basic questions, “How Much Do I Need To Save For Retirement?”

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